Welcome to Mistresstech, the only creative agency in the world that thinks software first.We create software that solves marketing problems, invigorates brands and turns heads.

It was said that software will eat the world. That may have been an understatement. It’s devouring it.

Software is how you buy and listen to your music.
It’s how you watch any film in the world on your laptop – legally or otherwise.
It’s how you share your selfie.
It’s how you LOL.

Without it, you don’t have a voice. Your brand doesn’t exist. You don’t exist.

The world revolves around software platforms. The fact you’re reading this means you’re operating one.

So why do most brands rely on traditional advertising ideas to solve problems when the way that the world is engaging right now is through software and technology?

Because the marketing world is old, outdated and broken. To be relevant today, new processes need to be established and different experts need to work together from a project’s inception. That is why we have combined tech DNA with the most creative marketers. With software development, marketing and innovation creating the fibre of our new agency model we give today’s brands and consumers all they need to connect and interact.

That’s why four different parties joined forces to found Mistresstech.


Based in Los Angeles, Mistress is an internationally-awarded creative agency, a social agency, a digital agency, and a technology company that uses each of these disciplines to create compelling connections and interactions with the young and influential around targeted moments of people’s lives. The results are integrated brand campaigns that include worldwide record-setting activations, social movements, online societies, influencer campaigns and ads-as-earned-media-stunts. Current clients include Coca Cola, Campari, Disney and Ubisoft.


freiheit.com technologies builds individual software for the digital world: web and mobile software, social software, big data, ecommerce and internet of things. The company was founded as a spin off of a research institute of DaimlerChrysler in 1999 and is one of the internet pioneers and innovation drivers in germany and europe. About 90% of the staff are engineers with a PhD or university degree in mathematics, physics and computer science. The core competence is to build applications with strategic relevance for its clients – starting from the very first idea to the complete finished product. The clients are the Who-is-Who of the german and european enterprises just as well as successful startups: Daimler AG, Swiss Life, SPIEGEL Online, United Internet / 1&1 AG – web.de, DIE ZEIT, Tchibo, Engel & Völkers, Kilroy Travels International A/S, buch.de, bol.de, radio.de. freiheit.com has an excellent reputation for their reliability, accuracy and technical expertise.


Boris de Malvinsky

After gaining his master’s degree in philosophy and economics, Boris de Malvinsky spent the next 15 years in the marketing and communications world as a client, consultant, agency manager and entrepreneur.


After working for Germany’s most prominent ad agency Jung von Matt, Boris joined Kempertrautmann as part of the original start-up team. As managing director he grew the agency into one of the most dynamic agencies in Germany with over two-hundred staff, five offices and clients including AUDI, Media Markt, Henkel, ING, B/S/H and IKEA.


Hartmut Heinrich

As one of the founding partners of Mistresstech, Hartmut brings more than 18 years experience in innovation and strategic marketing.

Prior to co-founding Mistresstech, Hartmut was a partner and managing director at Vivaldi Partners Group, a global strategy consultancy with focus on innovation and growth.


He creates communications plans where strategic development and innovation/R&D connect for the likes of Hyundai, Kia, Philips, Bertelsmann, Western Union, NordLB and Allianz.


Hartmut has co-authored books and is a frequent contributor to leading magazines and economic press. He is also a regular speaker at marketing conferences and seminars, worldwide.


He is also a lecturer at a British University in the field of Leading and Managing People and Marketing Products and Services.

Our clients’ questions haven’t changed: How do I engage my audience? How do I create awareness for my product? But the answers have changed dramatically.

Because it is not about a slogan or a visual anymore. It’s about connecting with one person or a billion – and software is the only medium that provides that.

Mistresstech is the only creative agency in the world that thinks software first. We create software that solves marketing problems, invigorates brands and turns heads.

Our Process

We are not married to the old ways of doing things. Unlike digital or modern ad agencies who brief creatives to adapt existing and generic technology to their solutions, Mistresstech starts projects from the opposite end. Software first. We start by briefing software and tech-developers on a communication or business challenge and then add creative forces to help the solution resonate with an audience. This way a client doesn’t just get a re-skinned digital component to their ideas but bespoke and own-able solutions to communication challenges.


And Our Culture

We put together, what today belongs together:

Top-Software Developers and Top-Creatives.

At Mistresstech, you will meet technology experts such as software engineers, mathematicians, physicists, electrical engineers, machine-learning-experts… People who have been hacking since childhood and who are familiar solving problems by developing products that do not yet exist.

At the same time you will meet experienced consulting experts, award-winning creatives and designers. Together, we develop innovation and growth strategies and the according communication.


One part of Mistresstech was born and raised in Silicon Beach, California. The other grew up in Hamburg, Germany. It’s California entrepreneurism and can-do attitude meets German engineering and fulfillment skills.